Agdam Gost
Nagoro Karabakh

Agdam (Nagorno Karabakh) is a ghost town, which is part of a country that is not recognized by the international community, and therefore does not formally exist. The silence that reigns there is only broken by the chirping of birds, from the minarets of the mosque, survived the war, they see only ruins. Located 49 km from Stepanakert, capital of Nagorno Karabakh enclave with a majority of citizens of Armenian origin, which Stalin one with 'Muslim Azerbaijan with the' intent to govern the public is better, breaking the 'ethnic identity. With the end of the USSR, the autonomous region of Karabakh decided to rejoin the neighboring republic of Armenia beginning the struggle for control of the region from mountainous wilderness. Today has not yet come to a true peace, only a ceasefire broken several times. A state recognized only by himself, away from the map of the world but quite clear in the minds of its inhabitants, with its own capital, a constitution, a flag, a visa for the few foreign visitors. A reality that has lasted for a long time and today is no longer negligible by the international community. Agdam is the frightening evidence of the destruction wrought by the bloodiest conflicts born from the collapse of Soviet Union. A war that lasted three years, which has made 20 thousand deaths, a million refugees, and has destroyed the economies of the two countries. The biggest victims of the indifference of the international community, and the mess of international laws and official recognition, are the 25,000 refugees that live in the ruins of Agdam and the suburbs of the capital Stepanakert. While the international community procrastinates, the refugees of Nagorno Karabakh live without homes or aid because they are refugees from a country that does not exist. This is why the international community can not recognize refugee status and therefore can not guarantee them the access to funding from international organizations.

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