Punk is Not Dead 

Billy Idol: “I don't think punk ever really dies, because punk rock attitude can never die.”
Not only punk is not dead, but it turns the volume up thanks to a brand new scene. In a time when TRAP is king, many young people are starting to play instruments again, they’re passionate about it, in a quest for creative self-expression. The new generation takes over, showing that the Punk rock bomb which exploded in 1977 keeps burning. Lots of fast-beaten music, committed lyrics and lots of fun. Punk is much more to this: sharing, friendship, collaboration, values and never ending networking a community where boys and girls who have known each other for a very long time get together, people who used to play or have their own independent music label. There’s more to the same passion for music, there’s commitment to break down mental barriers because Punk rock is a subculture beyond music, it’s an attitude. To be a Punk Rocker is not just listening to the Sex Pistols on 45, Punk Rock is a way of seeing society as whole and one own life, you can be a musician with limited technical skills, a journalist by writing in a fanzine, a stylist or an artist or just an outsider who’s willing to share ideas, live your own life, regardless of clothes, sexual orientation, occupation and look. Concerts are full with freedom from the mainstream music market, far from the fragmented and fear of contemporary society, people want to mess things up and have fun. Generations merge, people from different cultural backgrounds meet and find a common ground in music. Under the stage you only need to know how to mosh right and to stand by the band. Studs, Studded leather jackets, dyed mohawks but also sober outfits. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is having fun. That’s why, Punk no dead.

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