Utopia Danca

The project "Luar de dança" was born in the mid-worthy 90 years in the area of Baixada Fluminense, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, one of the regions most affected by social deprivation and the 'urban sprawl of Brazil. Since 2004, referring to the program "Zero Hunger" Company Luar de Danca is among the entities most involved in the formation of children, adolescents and young people through dance.
The project aims in particular, starting right from the body to enhance it and bring it back to its proper consideration by appealing to the innate sense of movement, music and rhythm that is so strong in the Brazilian people. Dance classes are designed to develop between group members, forms of solidarity without competition. In groups, young people themselves, living in a healthy and productive to take up a job even on 'environmental education, food and health, trying to teach children habits and behaviors that lead to a better lifestyle. The group also works with the kids, but also with the families of these, trying to engage them on those occasions when the different groups representing their performances, with the aim of strengthening their cultures. Not by chance you want to develop in children a strong reference to the family, to the community ', the school, through their activities' art, so as to prevent the life of the road. Today Luar has 16 professors who share the 55 groups of assets and 1,500 children aged 'between 4 and 20 years old, coming from different municipalities of the Baixada Fluminense.

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